FEATURES               BENEFITS          

     Feel at ease                      Pre-approve loan, being confident even to business crisis, for unexpected travel,

                                                   credit card or PDC dues, inadequate cash projection, unpredictable stocks demand,

                                                   cash emergency while on travel.


     Accessible                          Easy to get , no documentary requirements, can be withdrawn in any ATM networks

                                        anywhere in the Philippines.

     Solution                              For unbankable clients to be counted and recognized for being committed and diligent.


     Timely                                 One text or call ahead, loan is online.

 Fast Loan (FL)



    Criteria and Guidelines 


        Client Section 


                          * Clients with existing and visible business or salary earner

                     * With ATM or any savings account in the cooperative of not less than P500.00 remaining balance 

                     * Requires  2 co-makers with capacity to pay, either member or depositor 

                     * CBU s not less than P5,000.00

                     * Interest rate and Penalty - Prepaid 2-4% interest rate and 5% / month penalty for due amortization]


All Purpose Loan (APL)

Salary loan

Private regular employees

Government regular employees

Barangay Official

Coop Employees

        -Accepts 50% to 70% of the net take home pay

        -Collateral is either ATM, MOA or co-maker

Rediscounting Loan (RL)


Microfinance Loan (ML)


CUMICS -  Customized Microfinance Scheme (all micro enterprise, ASA methodology)

AFIMS   -   Agri fishery Innovative Microfinance Scheme (farmers and fisherfolks)

MALP   -    Micro  Assistance Livelihood Program ( agrarian beneficiaries/ hh members)

MLSP    -    Micro-Livelihood Support Program (all micro enterprises, Grameen Methods)

MAP     -     Micro-Assistance Program – individual loan

Agricultural Loan (AL) CROPS

           Corn and Ube Production Loan

Root and cash crop production Loan

Organic Fertilizer Loan

Palay  Loan

Swine Fattening Loan



    Criteria and Guidelines                         

                  - SMEs

                  - Clients are graduated from group micro-finance or either individual regular member that can offer collateral

                  - Term is 6 – 12 months

                  - Payment is either monthly or quarterly

                  - Interest is 18 % - 20% per annum

                  - Maximum loan 500,000


Accepts 80% of  bonus, gov’t’ check , pension or PN 

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