Started with 32 member-cooperators in 1992 with 32,000 Share Capital.


Engaged in sari-sari store and production loan but flash flood destroyed member’s farms resulted to failure in collection.


In 1999, office was moved in town proper of Clarin, management took over by younger generation and coop began to provide diversified programs and services.


In 2003, coop implemented microfinance program for poor rural communities, established standard, strengthen internal control,   then membership increased year after year. 


The CIRCLES represent a person, people and community which is the organization’s reason for being, it revolves the flame because the “ people” is our center of development where the various colors represent a meaningful and colorful life of the people and a bright future.
The FLAME in the center represents an art or ability and the values how the organization achieve its mission & vision. It also symbolizes harmony, freedom & sustainability.
The 3 LINES below GDMPC means the various networks, affiliations and all the partners, government and non-government organizations which form part of the organization’s success.
The brown ARROW represents the organization’s stability and it symbolizes continuing improvement to achieve excellence inside and outside the organization.
The STAR in between G and D means the light that always guide the organization’s direction and it is silently read as GOD who is the author and source of all the organization’s belongings.


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