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GDMPC is constantly upfront in creating opportunities for the good of the members. One of the Methodologies that the cooperative design are the LOYALTY REWARD SYSTEM. The very purpose of this system is to build healthy relationship, create more interaction and its much sought- after member's loyalty.

Traditionally, loyalty programs offered points & reward it is either items/good or in cash. Here are the mechanics of earning points.

     1. In every payment on CBU amounting 500 will earn 1 reward point;

     2. And every payment of 250 on the interest on loans will also earn 1 reward point;

     3. Reward point will be earned regardless either ths exact 250 payment on the interest on loans or 50 for CBU or accumulated.


Members/clients are relevant to the organization and because of their passionate and being manageable enough, this is an supplementary encouragement factor with criteria to obtain aside from the privileges. 

In fact, every end of the year, members are classified according to the criteria given:








Along with, is the result of the assessment in classifying the members as to class A-D. The table below shows the class, score, the type of members and the members award.

Members in Goods Standing (MIGS)
Class A - 25 Kg Rice + 100% Cash Dividend
Class B - 200 Cash + 50% Cash Dividend, the remaining 50% is applied as payment
Class C & D - 100% of dividend & patronage refund is applied as payment

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