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All about FibreLife™ - a unique and proprietary fibre supplement.

Foods that are generally high in fibre are being consumed less due to the increased intake of over processed convenience foods. For this very reason, Lifestyles has introduced into their product line, a revolutionary soluble fibre blend designed to combat the world trend towards global obesity, by supplementing dietary fibre.

Lifestyles strive to formulate premium quality, natural source nutritional supplements and promote healthy eating habits, helping our Customers look and feel their very best and to live better every day.

Lifestyles has developed a revolutionary and proprietary soluble fibre blend that helps to supplement the body’s deficiency of fibre. FibreLife provides your daily source of fibre, while helping you regulate your appetite, and achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.


FibreLife has the ability to absorb many times its weight in water, allowing it to expand in the body and help you feel full longer.FibreLife can also help lower the Glycemic index of a meal and provide you with long-lasting energy.

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