Bida ka Awards 2016

October 20, 2016


It’s another year to honor  of the most outstanding members who will strive to improve and raise their performance each year. Who will be defined as hardworking with passion?


BIDA KA award is given to the top performing members on the basis of extraordinary achievement. The award recognizes members who have maintained consistently high level of excellence for the year. This is our way of recognizing members in their outstanding performance. And at the same time encouraging other members to be inspired by their stories on how they commit success. Behind every members success lays their stories of ups and downs that tested them. And we are so proud to be part of their success. The Gata Daku MPC is more than willing enough to help our members and extend our services to them. As we face the challenge to look for further services we can offer to them, we are also looking forward for more members to be featured in our “BIDA KA AWARDS”.

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